Access to Medicines

Our aim at Bristol-Myers Squibb is to do our part to increase access to medicines for societies in need. That’s why we work closely with government health authorities and others in seeking marketing authorisation and reimbursement for our therapies, while also relying on a number of companywide policies, programmes and initiatives to guide our efforts. Importantly, we recognise a particularly pressing need for many of these medications in low- and middle-income countries in the developing world.

Our efforts range across nine separate areas – from establishing consistent global policies to creating access management programs, from launching targeted R&D initiatives to address particular diseases and geographies, to adapting pricing and assistance programmes to meet local requirements. We also work with partners to enhance health and R&D capacity, utilise patent, licensing and technology transfer opportunities to expand access, conduct clinical trials in countries where we expect to introduce innovative medicines, ensure product quality and safety in everything we do, and operate in a spirit of social responsibility and transparency through various drug donation and philanthropic initiatives.

Date of preparation: May 2015 MLTUK1500052-06